Poets of the Fall @ The Great Indian OktoberFest

This is a guest post by Nishant. Thank you, dude!

Hello fans!

The playlist URL for the Poets of the Fall performing at the Great Indian Oktoberfest in Bangalore, India on Nov-13-2011. :)

These videos are both from a normal Canon digicam as well as a couple of iPhone video recordings, quality isn’t great, but what-the-hey, real fans will enjoy it anyway! :)

Apologies for the delay in uploading as well as the camera shakes and what-not, but we obviously were quite high, illusions and dreams. ;) :P

The song order is like how it was at the concert. Couple of songs not recorded.

Cheers all PotF fans! \m/


1. Dreaming Wide Awake
2. The Ultimate Fling
3. No End, No Beginning
4. Can You Hear Me (Missing)
5. Stay
6. Sleep
7. Locking Up The Sun
8. Desire (Unplugged)
9. You’re Still Here (Unplugged)
10. Sorry Go ‘Round (Unplugged)
11. War
12. Diamonds For Tears
13. Illusion & Dream
14. Late Goodbye
15. Carnival Of Rust
16. Lift


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